I'm closing down and deleting my Real Person Twitter Account™. I think my furry Twitter account is next on the list. It's hard to pull that trigger, but Twitter is such utter bullshit these days.

@tilton I came very close to doing that myself, then remembered there's two groups I do extensive work in that just assume you have Twitter and won't go to any effort to contact you elsewhere :/

Twitter is so pervasive it's a virus.

@trysdyn @tilton By far, Facebook is far, far, far worse in its fungal nature. But, like you, I have people and groups with whom I maintain contact with who *only* use Facebook for communications. :(

Regardless, I'm happy to see more and more people reconsider what, in essence, are good old-fashioned bulletin board systems. Be it Diaspora, anything Fediverse related, whatever, they all have one thing in common: bespoke instances cooperating over common protocols. I absolutely love it.

@tilton Twitter made my decision for me, they locked my account, and refuse to get back to me about it.

@jadedfox Holy shit. I wondered where you went -- now I know. God I hate Twitter.

@tilton Yup... Made a random terf tweet in 2017, and got locked a year later over it. OBVIOUS targeting from them.

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