Some people really, really hate Mastodon and won't touch it with a ten foot pole. I think that's a shame.

@tilton it is a real shame. It really is a great platform.

@tilton I see people being very confused about what instances are. Otherwise they don’t want to deal with no one being here... it’s a shame.

@Brophey @tilton If friends were a little more discoverable it would be nicer, but searching the federasphere is a pain, and often follow lists don't translate when viewing from another instance. There ARE issues with how things work, and they take more work to solve. That leads to people going "eh, not worth it."

@jjwolverine The one I saw most recently was a fear that compromised instances can see and store everything in the fediverse, so it's not safe. I'm not sure how realistic that is.

@tilton @jjwolverine Not quite. A given instance won't send posts to another instance unless it has a reason, like they share a relay, or someone on instance B follows someone on instance A.

That said, once the post DOES federate, the receiving instance can choose to just disregard CWs and security settings and display the post in the clear. There are a couple instances that do this by choice and as a result they are recommended domain blocks on some blocklists.

@trysdyn @tilton oh i see. Right, it's not fully transitive like that. But it is true that any given instance can mis-handle any data that any of its users can see. I don't doubt that many of these instances are badly administered--- security holes, lack of backups, etc. But frankly for now I trust the incompetence of the fedeverse over the malevolence of the big social networks so... >.>

@jjwolverine @tilton My take on it is "Security" settings are polite suggestions to the system for who may or may not WANT to see the posts. They are not security at all.

E2E encryption, other channels, don't post sensitive stuff to the Fediverse, etc. Usual wisdom applies.

@tilton i think it's a different beast from the birdsite (not a replacement) and that's a *good* thing

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