MY GOODNESS. I have not used this account since SEPTEMBER. GRACIOUS ME. I have to get active again.

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I spent a good part of the weekend hacking on personal projects, which I haven't done in a while. Felt good!

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the furry fediverse, and at this point I’m pretty sure I not want to.

Oh hey by the way:

Raccoons are good, actually.

@jjwolverine The one I saw most recently was a fear that compromised instances can see and store everything in the fediverse, so it's not safe. I'm not sure how realistic that is.

Anyway, I know some of my friends will never follow me here from Twitter. It makes me kind of sad, but life will go on. It DOES, however, reinforce my firm belief that there's plenty of ways for people to get in touch with each other, and social networks are not strictly necessary.

Which reminds me, I'd better update my Contacts page so people DO know all the different ways to get in touch with me.

Some people really, really hate Mastodon and won't touch it with a ten foot pole. I think that's a shame.

@Trysdyn @faileas I've been really happy with Tootdon, but lord knows it has a few minor quirks. (Figuring out how to add multiple accounts was interesting)

@zorinlynx I've seen a huge uptick in usage recently, which is pretty cool. I'm still not sure what the future of Mastodon will be, but I guess we'll find out!

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Yup, definitely going to wind down my Twitter presence. I'm mad, real mad, at how they treat my friends, while letting the worst of the worst just run rampant.

@jadedfox Holy shit. I wondered where you went -- now I know. God I hate Twitter.

I'm closing down and deleting my Real Person Twitter Account™. I think my furry Twitter account is next on the list. It's hard to pull that trigger, but Twitter is such utter bullshit these days.

@Trysdyn If I worked in Santa Clara, I would DEFINITELY bring in my VT100 terminal to make a point.

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